Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tian Chua should resign immediately. DSAI has a lot of explaining

Have you heard of Private Mohd Salleh Hamdan, aged 23? 

If not you may hear about him in the days to come. Arwah Private Mohd Salleh Hamdan succumbed to his injuries yesterday after being knocked down by a car carrying Tian Chua and a yet to be identified 2nd passenger. Tian Chua was not at the wheel. Somebody else was.

This is Tian Chua's latest tweet 22 minutes ago
Landed in Kuala Trgnu, 1st stop from airport, the stadium proudly built by BN.

There seems to be a complete lack of decency in shutting up for some time and actually paying some degree of respect to the dead lad. 

Was it because of this?
Hugged & reconciled w Hamdan Sain dad of victim; in fact he consoled me not 2feel guilty, &told me: "pls accept it as the Almighty's will.."

You see Tian Chua seems to think himself not guilty of this tragedy. I say its bullshit.

Let me tell you a thing or two about the road from Kota Tinggi to Mersing. It is very windy and a very dangerous stretch. I took it once and you just cannot speed on this road. You have to drive slow.

The elements of this disaster can be explained in the following tweet
Anwar accompanied by Johor State Chair Anuar Saleh arriving at the restaurant: I made my speech & rush2 Mersi

You see Tian Chua is admitting he was rushing to Mersing. You cannot rush on this road? Was the driver under pressure to drive fast? 

These are questions - I think which are very relevant. Road traffic accidents kill a lot of people every year. And yesterday it claimed the life of Private Mohd Salleh.

Now some of you may say -well its fate. 
No its not fate. 
Its the law we drive safely. I do it out of responsibility. I am actually quite a slow driver. So many times I see all these Mercs overtake my Beemer and these guys are stepping on the gas. Dont these guys consider the risk of their actions?

Morally Tian Chua has just been totally oblvious to the suffering he had caused the family and the fiancee of Private Salleh. Thats the issue isn't it. Private Salleh is a nobody. We don't care about what happens to him. The greater good is more important.

IF that is the case - then lets say it out openly.

But for me, Private Salleh deserved the right to live, the right to marry his fiancée and the right to have his family. He may not be the most important person in the world to you and me, but right now there are people grieving over his death. 

And I will do my part in remembering him in this posting.

Tian Chua is not one of them.

He fails to meet the decency test and he should resign immediately.

Anwar Ibrahim should explain whether he was in the car or not.

 I will not dilute his memory like what The Unspinners and Parpukari is doing by claiming political points - which I think is very low class. We should be careful on these issues and we should state our point based on our respect for the family and not out of a desire to score politcal brownie points. 


Anonymous said...

Utter nonsense and bullshit without substance and fact....stupid gerrymander work ...

Wenger J. Khairy said...

I think the facts of the case speak for itself. At least u took a second to ponder on the issue - i cannot change your prejudice. I can only highlight the facts