Saturday, March 13, 2010

Magical Moments from The 90s

This video sums up what the peoples mentality is right now.
The guy who can capture the moment will be the next Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...



You can support the spirit of the Rakyat by not spewing racist comments and stir racial discord.

My friends and I, the educated Muslims, have enough of UMNO/BN playing racial cards - throwing kepala babi hutan kat mosque, burning churches, etc. Please stop....such actions make us sick.

And, you, stop your nonsense of leading demonstrators kat Oz embassy.

I am not pro-Anwar. In fact, I am not pro any political party. Comes GE13, I will vote for a party which can bring about racial harmony. Malaysia is near collapse in terms of economic and education.

My friends and I achieved what we have through our own hard work and education without govt support. So, please ...we don't owe UMNO/BN anything. We just want a peaceful and harmonious country for our future and for our children when we marry in the near future. We are young and we have a different outlook that is very different from UMNO's. We are tired....very tired of Ibrahim's venom.

So, please do something for the Malays...let us grow and be independent in the free market.

I wrote the same on Dato Sak's blog. He highlighted what I wrote in one of his articles.


Wenger J. Khairy said...

If you read my blog you will know that we believe in hard work and I will be starting a series on the economics of the country and how not only the Malays, but the Chinese, the Indians, the Kadazans, the Ibans, the Melanaus, the Bajaus, the Orang Asli and everybody can progress.

We are in a globalized world. The game has changed - and yes we have to work hard and elect good leaders.

I hope you can see the bigger picture and understand that the leadership offered by KJ is different and will bring a great transformation to our country

Anonymous said...

Thank you, KJ.

I will follow your blog closely.
Show us your level-headedness and substance.

I have no qualms to give you my vote if you demonstrate your ability to bring peace and harmony to this country.

Please do not emulate UMNO/BN hari hari buat kacau bilau. Kalau boleh, biar UMNO/BN di kuburkan secepat mungkin.