Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Iwo Jima

World War II was a bloody war. It was started when Adolf Hitler rammed his Panzer division into Poland. The policy of appeasement towards the Nazis favoured by the then British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain backfired spectacularly. 1 year after that, the entire European landmass descended into bloody conflict, and the France itself fell to the Nazis in just 6 months.

A similar situation happened in Malaysian politics. Pak Lah had tried the higher ground in not directly confronting Tun Dr. Mahathir, and for that he paid dearly. Dr. Mahathir's Panzers and Luftwaffe division pounded Pak Lah day and day out and directly contributed to the historic election results of the Opposition in which 5 states fell. Pak Lah resigned soon after.

While the war was raging in Europe, the United States of America (Wenger J. Khairy) had a policy of non involvement. Though morally supporting the British, the USA did not want to get dragged into a war with the Nazis.

All this changed on the morning of December 7, 1941. A cowardly attack by the Japanese (Mahahthirists)  resulted on the U.S Pacific Fleet was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Wenger then declared war on the Axis Powers!

The initial months in 1942 (2008 - early 2009) saw the Nazis and their Japanese allies score some huge victories. However, the tide turned in the Battle of Midway (1942). It is widely accepted as the turning point in World War II. Even though both sides suffered losses, the Japanese lost 4 aircraft carriers, which they could not replenish. They never recovered from this strategic loss.

Or in other words, KJ won the Ketua Pemuda contest.

But the Japaneses (like the Mahathirists) were not going to take cognizance of the situation. The Allies demanded total surrender and renounciation of their blind loyalty to the Emperor. The Japanese were stubborn, calling up young boys to fight the well trained Americans.

And so bloody conflict after bloody conflict emerged, as the Americans pressed on their military advantage towards the Japanese mainland.

And the bloodiest conflict was when Allies wanted to take Iwo Jima.

This involved conquering the Twitter space and making sure the enemys attacks were blunted. And it was indeed bloody as a 7 day campaign was launched with tactical support from the blogs and on Facebook. The aim was to engage the enemy in cave to cave combat until he was completely extinguished.

The IwoJima battle was immortalized by Joe Rosenthal's photograph of the raising of the U.S. flag on top of the 166 m (540  Mount Suribachi by five Marines and one Navy Corpsman. The photograph records the second flag-raising on the mountain, which took place on the fifth day of the 35-day battle. The picture became the iconic image of the battle and has been heavily reproduced.
This famous photograph has been seen by millions and is immortalized in the Arlington National Cemetry

Soon afterwards the Allies proceeded to drop the atom bomb on Japan. Japan was left totally devastated. The United States prevailed once again.

Peace was then restored.

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Kin Harun said...

Hello WJK,

you're actually have been fighting for a long,long time..

Lets us (u,me and all) continue stand strong beside GENERAL KJ..!!

P/S To Japanese..,ur troops failed!!