Thursday, March 18, 2010


Its not everyday that a KJ Supporter can force Tun to admit his mistake but I, Wenger J Khairy disguised as the Repoman had done so. Its a small step as all I did was to correct Tuns blatant mistake when he wrongly classified a Repo transaction as being referred to as Repo 150 when in fact it was Repo 105.

We hope that with this small step, Tun can take further steps to confront some of his mistakes made in the past and to do the right thing. I need not specify it, I believes he himself knows it.

Maybe all it takes is a Repoman to tell him in a polite and nice manner.

Hidup Repoman!

(As we all know Wenger J Khairy is banned from Chedet)

1 comment:

Repoman said...

Kah kah Parpu, akulah Repoman ngok. For it is I,Repoman or better known as Wenger J Khairy kah kah