Sunday, March 21, 2010

Remember the Time...

Main Event: Schweser vs. CFA Institute
Fresh from the oven. Time to study!


Ha ha ha, this pooch gonna go places. Maybe hes reading up on the portion "How NOT to value firms Appendix III MV Augusta)

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Wenger comment:
Well I never had the Kaplan stuff. I signed up with Allen Resources (becos of the video tutorials I guess). Their explanation on Pension accounting was class. The explanation on Swaps, FRA and Derivatives rubbish.
Most of the time I just read the CFAI Textbook - yup it takes a heck of a lot of time, but with the exception of their explanation on the Macroeconomic model in Portfolio Theory (which was rubbish, much better to refer to the original guys i.e. Messers  Burmeister i.e. the B in the BIRR model), the bulk of the reading was very well explained. Ok I'll exclude the CDS portion in the Derivaties, that was rubbish too, had to refer to (Kothari's Handbook on Securitization. Much better but a longer read)

Hopefully some monkeys wont be picking on me cos I used "becos" instead of because. These days, everybody wants to pick a bone with Wenger. Just make sure your a bigger doggy I always say.

To that!


Anonymous said...


Please fight at the level playing fields. The entire gerombolon UMNO/BN is fighting against Anwar Ibrahim. Many against one ....not fair at all.

Rakyat will not accept the gerombolon UMNO/BN fight unfairly.

You are showing that you support UMNO by shouting like a mad dog against Anwar Ibrahim in Parliament recently. Is your madness genetically linked to your parents? You should your madness shouting in front of Oz embassy leading a herd of Cow head demonstrators.

What are declaring to the Rakyat? That you are pro-UMNO and against Anwar? You are just drawing more sympathetic votest to Anwar. I am one of them. I will definitely give my vote to Anwar in GE 13. My friends are the same. We are the educated, young urban Muslims...we can think and we have a mind of our own.

We do not need to be herded by mad cow like you...who herded a group of mad cows in front of Oz embassy. What a joke? Went to Oxford and return to Malaysia to show that you are a mad cow!

Be fair to the Rakyat and we know who to vote for.

Stop your silly antics. Whatever you do, UMNO/BN is not going to make you a cabinet are not in the inner circle...realise this fact!


Parpu tu, memang tak guna said...

Hi Idris,

I can't agree with you more. Instead of trying to blaze a new path in UMNO, Khairy is trying to please the corrupt UMNO members in the youth wing. Hence his compulsive interest in Anwar Ibrahim. It is clear that he's not only playing a game on an uneven playing field in this, but he's simply playing the wrong game. His obsessive attacks on Anwar have reduced his credibility to zero, and politically, he has lost his way: left, right and centre. After the resignation of his father-in-law as premier, I thought Khairy would come to his senses and lead UMNO out of the cesspool that it was in. But no, he's not doing it. Sorry to see the decline and fall of a young politician who I once thought could be an UMNO leader whom we could trust.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Wenger's a Level II CFA guy. I doubt hes the same as KJ. but a real class dude this wenger. I think he is great and if you read closely what wenger says, u'd realize this guy will make 1 heck of a prime minister

Parpu tu, memang tak guna said...

Anon, March 22, 2010 10:49 PM: Are you talking of Wenger? If you are talking of Wenger instead of KJ, I agree. Wenger is a first-class dude. But he's too much in the shadow of KJ to be his own man. KJ himself is very much in the shadow now. Someone who is in the shadow of another shadow cannot be his own man, let alone be the PM of Malaysia. Also, Wenger should stop thinking he's Rajakari, and to stop his imaginary toddy-drinking bouts. He should graduate to the real thing, like all important UMNO members. Wenger should stop thinking that he's Arsene as well. But to be honest, I think this is going to be more difficult than asking Parpu Kari to stop thinking that he's a Malay.

Anonymous said...

bodo Kera Jantan ni rupanya

Anonymous said...

shadow squared... good pt. sometimes people have stuff they wanna hide i guess

Anonymous said...

Are Khairy Jamaluddin and Wenger J Khairy the same person?

If not, what is the difference?

I thought the picture on the blog tells all.

Pls enlightened me. Thank you.

Orang kampung

Anonymous said...

i have a parpu problem