Saturday, March 6, 2010

Parpu Pics Tell the whole story

Recently Tepuk Bersulam, a real ace writer, correctly surmized that Parpukari's allegiance and loyalty can be bought easily, perhaps as low as a plate of nasi kandar. I wish to encourage you to read his article for a complete run down of the events and controversy of this Bear Hug and why it shows that even the neutrals think Parpu's a bona fide "tree hugger."

Sensing the heat of the attack Parpu instructed his minnion Anti Kayjay to dispute the allegation. But I have to take off my hat to Anti Kayjay, he did a 2 in 1, which is whilst he as usual condemned KJ, he left a little sting in the tail, claiming that Parpu was forced into a hug much the same way Saiful  Bukhari claims he was forced into being sodomized.

What secret message is Anti Kayjay trying to convey?
Does Parpu have a code word?
Is he a closet ....?

I think you have to read between the lines on this. Hats off to Anti Kayjay.

Truth is Parpu was not forced even though as he now wants to spin it that way. Even his own minnions don't believe it, equating Parpus line of defence as that of a victim screaming sodomy once the perpetrator says CIFUT.

But look closely. Parpu genuinenly wanted to hug KJ. 

  1. In item A, we see Dato Rocky mocking Parpu as Parpu is hugging KJ
  2. In B, we see Parpu blushing as he vigorously tries to evade the teasing. You can see this on school playgrounds every day. I dont need to explain
  3. In C, we see Parpus fat hands grasping tightly KJ's waist. It is so tight that all his webbed fingers are spread out and Parpu grips tightly even though he is leaning the other way to evade the teasing by Rocky
  4. In D, we see the look of disgust by onlookers. Parpu has made a name for himself bashing KJ.

Its clear now, all he wanted was a bit of attention.


Anonymous said...

aku dah keliru kalau si parpu ni begitu kuat nak hentam Kj kenapa dia teringin sangat nak pi peluk kj. i really confuse

Anonymous said...

actually, si KJ yang terkejar kejar nak peluk si Parpu.

Siap jerit nama PArpu dari jauh lagi..

siapa ada kat situ memang tau la...

ko takde kat situ wenger... jangan buat cerita tak betul.. nanti ko jugak yang malu wenger...

Wenger J. Khairy said...

Kita ada rakaman, kita ada keterangan , kita ada saksi. Parpu melepak kat meja tengah makan je. KJ nak menyampaikan salam kpd mereka yg hadir lalu Parpu bangun menerkam KJ. Tengok gambar tu - why is Parpu mendakap KJ dengan begitu kuat? Nampak mcm dia tu cukup teruja dengan KJ.

A picture never lies.

Suruh Piggy Singh buat pendedahan.

Btw, kenapa kao kata aku tiada disana? Do you know who I am?

Or who we are...

Anonymous said...

wenger is telling the truth..parpus got a big crush on kj.thats why kj pity him

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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