Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mukhriz The Parpu Greeter

1. I am shocked. I am shocked that Dato Mukrhiz has dared to pull a fast one on I, Wenger J Khairy. I am even more shocked and I am disgusted that the Parpukari, which is inviting this funfair of a blogger, can get the attention of the Deputy Minister of the Ministery of International Trade and Finance. Presumably Dato Mukrhiz is keen to learn about the achievements of Blogger Parpu and to motivate him how to continue to give the entire Government a bad name with his rude, thuggish and stupid behaviour.

2. Maybe he has not heard that this of this man, Wenger J Khairy has been proven to be the Number 1 expert of all economic matters, who has been admitted to the World Bank expert group on economic simulations. 

This man, Wenger J Khairy asked the Deputy Minister on MITI to comment on the massive drop of FDI flowing into the country.

@MukhrizMahathir,@Parpukari Malaysia’s FDI inflows totalled US$2.7bil in 2009 compared with US$8.1bil the country attracted in 2008. Komen?

And what was the response by the man who the whole world touted as Berani Berubah - the future of Malaysia, the great leader whose supporters continue to claim that he was robbed of certain victory in the Ketua Pemuda Election race of 2009, and whose new good friend, Parpukari continue to harrass, insult and sabotage all the activities of this most important wing in politics.

Tweeter MukhrizMahathir

Approved 2009 manufacturing FDI RM22.1b, DDI RM10.5b 2008 FDI RM46b, DDI RM16.7b decline due to global downturn. 2010 shld b better
about 7 hours ago via Echofon

FDI drop in 2009 because of global decline. 

Blame the rest of the world...don't take any responsibility at all.

Ladies and Gentleman,

Aku adalah Wenger J. Khairy.

It will only take a matter of minutes to destroy this line of reasoning.

I refer you to the following document 

which is published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development specifically to pages 2 of the report.

I will reproduce the table below

The global average drop was 40%. Malaysia's drop was 66%.

It also clearly shows that Malaysia is the worst in the region, with a drop of 66% of FDI flows in 2009. This is worse than India (drop of 42%), worse than Indonesia (drop of 36%), worse than Singapore (drop of 20%), it is even worse than Thailand (drop of 54%), when in fact Thailand was rocked by street demonstrations, 2 changes in Government and a whole slew of political unrest.

But I do not blame Dato Mukriz.

We know what Dato Mukhriz capability is. We cannot expect miracles, when we set such a low base for him. What can we honestly expect from a man who openly wishes "Good Morning" to Parpu.

Nothing. Nothing much at all.

But to all those concerned, this drop in FDI is very bad for the economic growth. Without this FDI, we lack fresh capital and more important fresh know how to diversify our economic base and create jobs for tomorrow. This money that comes from overseas also comes with the technical expertise and management skill that we can learn from. We need not pay RM 560 million and assume a further RM 400 million in contingent liabilities to achieve this technology transfer.

But why aren't investors coming? What is the reason? Is it because of Mukhriz? Is it because Tun Dr Mahathir lambasted the West at a gathering of the worlds most important business leaders here in Malaysia ?

 What is the actual reason?

Ladies and Gentleman,
The reason is Khairy.

Without Khairy in the Cabinet, we can forget to expect any growth in FDI. Investors were so eager to pump in billions of dollars into the economy after KJ won the KP race but were shocked when he was left out of the cabinet. 

They were extremely disappointed and proceeded to place their money elsewhere. 

But we look forward to the day when KJ can enter into the Cabinet, and be given the proper post and position befitting a man of his stature, because I can tell you, billions of US dollars will flow in, as investors want a leader who is unparalleled in global appeal, smart, educated, and well trained in economics and finance.

Investors want KJ.

PS: I decied to post this before start of trading. Can't be distracted


Anonymous said...

kah kah kah anak madey kena kantoi

Anonymous said...

wow...u actually bothered to slam Mukhriz just because he said good morning to Parpu..man your mean
but serves him right for giving a rubbish answer. blame everything on someone else is the typical umno attitude.
Wonder what would happen if Mukrhiz said Good Afternoon kah kah kah

Anonymous said...

hahahhaha...investor mahukan KJ?
masa zaman pak lah yang berkiblatkan KJ pun malaysia nak hancur...hehehehhe

Wenger J. Khairy said...

Thats a damn lie!
During Pak Lah's time KJ was given no position in Government. Yet the FDI was much much higher than compared to the time Tun was in charge. It was so horrible especially after Tun applied capital controls.

Malaysia was doing well until Tun got jealous of Pak Lah and "character assassinated" him.

Bill Kill said...

Itus semua spin Mahakutty nak naikkan proksi dia. KJ is a good young leader that has endeared himself to the youth of today. I say give him a chance.