Saturday, March 6, 2010

Level II Tidbitss..(Parpu need not apply)

Check out these stories of folks who are taking CFA Level II exam and the support they get from their firms..

The best is still this one ; hats off to the man

Posted by: supersadface (IP Logged)
Date: February 2, 2010 06:24PM

Insert name here, I don't mean to one-up you [just read your post], but this may come across that way...

I am currently taking L2 without the knowledge of my employer. I am, in fact, keeping it from them as something I'm pursuing on my own, because it's not needed for my current job. My current job is client facing [retail finance WOOO] and as far as higher designations go, the CFP is far more commonly pursued. In fact, I know of one person in my side of the organization who has the CFA [got it before transitioning to client-facing], but he also has his CFP. The CFA would probably raise eyebrows from my colleagues, in the sense of alerting management that I probably didn't intend to stay in my current job/track.

As such, the time and money I spend on the exam are my own. I didn't get [nor did I expect] a complimentary nod from colleagues or any check reimbursing my registration fees or schweser texts. My friends and family were stoked for me [not to mention my own pride in the achievement] when I passed, but that's about it.

I sort of picture myself as a finance Clark Kent/superman type. By day, I'm mild-mannered, boring Clark Kent. But at night, I go home, crack open my books, AND BECOME SUPERMAN.

Oh, except instead of flying around and saving people,
I weep bitterly and try to comprehend L2 FSA.

Thread is over here:,1107705

PS: Wonder whether the Perdana Leadership Foundation would help sponsor me for CFA Level II. If not Tun, I will have to jam you again with Level III knowledge (if I pass)


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