Monday, March 15, 2010

If You Laugh, You are not Angry

Shamsul Yunos tookt the bait.

Parpu and Anti KJ yesterday bit the bait as well.

I think people should understand everything Wenger says is designed for a reaction. And my principle belief is that there is no such thing as bad advertisement.

Yesterday I purposely worded a rather teasing response to Marahku's comment box. Remember this is the guy who is perpetually angry.

Lets see what happened

A while back I put up a post titled Why so many people find Khairy loathsome, in it I asked everyone to come up with just one of KJ's positive contribution towards his party, his people, his country and Islam.

Guess what? his top paid cybertrooper, Wenger J Khairy was the first to come forward and bravely suggested that 
Malaysia's SEA Games gold medal for football was KJ's doing. We all laughed and laughed.... Of course we know that Malaysia won because the opposition made a fatal mistake of scoring an own goal - maybe Wenger is suggesting that KJ is an own-goal specialist.... it certainly sounded true to the original posting...

now many moons later.... I got another submission from Wenger...

this time he wants to share his boss's latest achievement....going to the PM's tea party despite having a fever....

Wenger thinks this is the height of heroism and for this KJ deserves a cabinet decision.... Apparently...

I fell off my chair and is now looking for someone to redo my split sides... tears of mirth are still rolling down my cheek and I am still giddy with laughter..

thank you really scrapped the bottom of the barrel there, I can taste the oak man... you gave me a woody... ha ha ha

anyway, to make it easier for my readers to see Wenger contribution to the world of comedy I have reposted his comment and my response below.

BTW ... in that original posting I did suggest that someone who takes 10 steps and fall down with ever step is a comedian or a clown - just look at Mr BEan, Charlie Chaplin et al and you get what I mean

Wenger J. Khairy said...

I'm pleased to report that KJFC is now 9,600. Soon we have the magical 10,000. Parpu 5 bellies was defeated heavily in a blog war over the last 48 hours, to the extent an amoi had to scold him very badly Parpu Kena Soun.

In the same breath I am pleased to report that the vibes we are getting are very good indeed. KJ managed to grace the PM's tea party even though he was suffering a fever! The guy is a real fighter - what a man.

Lot10 like anyother commercial real estate is highly sensitive to unhedged interest rates.

I would seek your indulgence to maintain this thread till 2020 which we project will be long enough for our countries dreams of having an educated young dynamic highest leader to be realized.

But first lets keep our fingers crossed as to the upcoming cabinet reshuffle. I've a good feeling....

Shamsul Yunos said...

Wow, Wenger you really have lowered the bar for your paymaster huh...

fighting a fever to go to a TEA PARTY....WOW IMPRESSIVE

this is the stuff of heroes... just like my son going to his friend's birthday party despite gelding a slight temperature

despite my wife's pleadings that he should stay in bed and take lots of fluids, my son insisted on going to his friend's brithday party... My son is definitely a hero and his attendance at that party despite a fever is the stuff of legends...

I am so proud of him as he walked into the party, present in hand... oh how they cheered him on

his friends hugged him tight, mothers cried and fathers bit their upper lip, fighting back the tidal wave of emotion

But my son is better than KJ because he is only nine and already has that 'fighting to go to the party despite a fever' spirit and he does not telll his friends to employ multiple fake identitites to humiliate his enemies on facebootk, twitter and the blogs

I guess I will maintain this thread this 2020, when 9-year olds like my son finally turn 19 and can see just what kind of a person you and your boss are Wenger.... or should I say Whinger

Well all I did was to write 150 words. And I got was a 2,000 word response from MarahKu, a newspaper columnist. Thats like a return of more than 800%.I just bought free ad time!

In fact, the man with the perpetual hot flash was so tickled he went and wrote this on Big Dog's blog

Yes he got so excited he had to report it to Big Dog.
(Big Dog was as usual trying to find some race based postings , and to his credit did not comment. Btw, Big Dog and Chedet have banned me from their blogs because out of fear of the power of Wenger)

But lets go and look at things in greater detail...

We all know that MarahKu is "quirky" to say the least. The man is a sworn anti khairy with very little reason. It seems he threw a question where we had to prove to him what KJ has done to win his approval.

The last I checked his designation was a writer in some newspaper. I never knew that he was also moonlighting as the Prime Minister.

This really reflects the mentality of the Anti Khairys. They will make it a point that KJ must prove his credibility to them. KJ must win their approval. Only if KJ wins their approval will they agree to appoint KJ as Minister.

This is precisely the reason why Dato Mukhriz lost the KP race, because DM sought approval only from a group of bloggers. And I admit, DM was strongly approved by the likes of Big Dog, JMD, Marahku, Rocky, Barking Magpie, Tunku Aisha, Piggy Singh, Detguaq, Parpukari and a whole host of other minnion blogs. Pro Khairy bloggers were definitely outnumbered.

But I think the difference is whilst KJ as a candidate did not win the most support from the bloggers, he in fact won the most support from the delegates. And thats why he won.

But I still like to play games with this group. Everybody knows these people are the worst type, I even know of the identity of one of those group who insisted "KJ leave on the grounds of restoring unity to the party."

But what game did I intend to play?

A simple one - just add more exposure. If we compare the exposure given to all youth leaders, nobody comes close to the exposure on KJ.

For example consider this statement

OpenID ondastreet said...


Bosan la bab-bab KJ ni.. dulu baca bolehlah nak tengok hasil apabila digembar gemburkan kehebatannya.. tapi la ni, buat je kerja as apa yang telah dipertanggungjawabkan, baru cerita..

Sorry Wenger,
You, your antics and whatever newly created KJ cybertrooper making people tired la.. style tulis macam tak jauh beza.. siap dengan dirimu sekali buka tutup blog..
March 14, 2010 9:21 PM

Ondastreet, you were detected as a Parpu sympathizer, and you even had people wish some very bad things to me. Furthermore, you attacked KJ when the football team was doing.

But by the way, kalao bosan, why are you commenting?

The bottom line is these anti Khairys are just a few group, but unfortunately most have been paid to start blogs hammering KJ. They took a lot of money and now they have nothing to show.

My last response is however dedicated to the Repoman

Blogger Repoman said...


I just slammed Wenger yesterday nite when he was trying to "spin" how a repo transaction works. Surprisingly, our dear Tun made Repo as a topic in his blog. Wow!
March 14, 2010 9:13 PM

What is your secret that you are hiding? Isn't Chedets article supposed to read Repo 105 and not Repo 150


Repoman said...

Apa kao merepek ni. Yes I told Chedet that it is Repo 105 and not Repo 150. Are u trying to insinuate that you have insider information???

Repoman said...

I think you should explain what a repo is bro. Anybody can do a google and find that out. I slammed u nice and proper when u answered with that wiki cut and paste. Parpukari was there to witness

Repoman said...

Aku dah agak kao tergamak buat benda terkhutuk ni si wenger! i thought you were a general but yr acting like a parian!

Anonymous said...

Lehman employed off-balance sheet devices, known within Lehman as “Repo 105” and “Repo 108” transactions, to temporarily remove securities inventory from its balance sheet, usually for a period of seven to ten days, and to create a materially misleading picture of the firm’s financial condition in late 2007 and 2008. Repo 105 transactions were nearly identical to standard repurchase and resale (“repo”) transactions that Lehman (and other investment banks) used to secure short-term financing, with a critical difference: Lehman accounted for Repo 105 transactions as “sales” as opposed to financing transactions based upon the overcollateralization or higher than normal haircut in a Repo 105 transaction. By recharacterizing the Repo 105 transaction as a “sale,” Lehman removed the inventory from its balance sheet.

Lehman regularly increased its use of Repo 105 transactions in the days prior to reporting periods to reduce its publicly reported net leverage and balance sheet. Lehman’s periodic reports did not disclose the cash borrowing from the Repo 105 transaction – i.e., although Lehman had in effect borrowed tens of billions of dollars in these transactions, Lehman did not disclose the known obligation to repay the debt. Lehman used the cash from the Repo 105 transaction to pay down other liabilities, thereby reducing both the total liabilities and the total assets reported on its balance sheet and lowering its leverage ratios. Thus, Lehman’s Repo 105 practice consisted of a two-step process: (1) undertaking Repo 105 transactions followed by (2) the use of Repo 105 cash borrowings to pay down liabilities, thereby reducing leverage. A few days after the new quarter began, Lehman would borrow the necessary funds to repay the cash borrowing plus interest, repurchase the securities, and restore the assets to its balance sheet.

Lehman never publicly disclosed its use of Repo 105 transactions, its accounting treatment for these transactions, the considerable escalation of its total Repo 105 usage in late 2007 and into 2008, or the material impact these transactions had on the firm’s publicly reported net leverage ratio. According to former Global Financial Controller Martin Kelly, a careful review of Lehman’s Forms 10?K and 10?Q would not reveal Lehman’s use of Repo 105 transactions. Lehman failed to disclose its Repo 105 practice even though Kelly believed “that the only purpose or motive for the transactions was reduction in balance sheet;” felt that “there was no substance to the transactions;” and expressed concerns with Lehman’s Repo 105 program to two consecutive Lehman Chief Financial Officers – Erin Callan and Ian Lowitt – advising them that the lack of economic substance to Repo 105 transactions meant “reputational risk” to Lehman if the firm’s use of the transactions became known to the public. In addition to its material omissions, Lehman affirmatively misrepresented in its financial statements that the firm treated all repo transactions as financing transactions – i.e., not sales – for financial reporting purposes.

Extract from Report of Anton R.Valukas, Examiner.

nxforget said...

Wow ... never knew you got another blog :)

Anonymous said...

Mr Wenger,
Please leave the boys alone. They are in their own world. No point in trying to engage them in some intellectual discourse over politics or economy. Leave them be.
You on the other hand should get this message across to KJ - get down to the ground and start doing some real work if he has not already done so. The next election is just round the corner, so do it right now!
The people especially the voters in his constituency does not give a hoot about your 'intellectual' debate with parpu and gang.
If you are still in the dark, the rakyat are more interested in bread and butter stuff. They have on their mind perpetual issues rannging from their childrens academic financing to health care.
Its pointless to keep on blogging about pertinent issues but not doing anything about it. At least the pakatan people are doing something albeit at a slow pace. Do we want to lose to them.....again?!!!!!!