Saturday, March 20, 2010

I am happy TDM is officiating PERKASA

Some people have said it was a sad thing for TDM, a so called "statesman" who pays a Jewish lobbyist RM 5 million and at the same time decries the Israeli Government, to officiate Perkasa.

To me I consider it a perfect match. PERKASA is mahathir and Mahathir is Perkasa. The network that Perkasa is using is the  Mahathir political network or the Maha's for short. Perkasa is the number 1 excuse provider for the Maha's to a) cease power once again b) absolve themselves of any responsibility they have in short changing the community and c) stay relevant in an increasingly globalist society.

For a moment,some say that Perkasa is the outsource arm for UMNO for the chest thumping and keris waving. Personally I do not see how on earth Perkasa is going to benefit UMNO, even though on paper you could say Perkasa can provide reasons to both the Malay and non-Malay community to vote Umno. Remember its on paper only.

In fact in reality, even that is a strech. Perkasa puts pressure on Umno to follow suit with its "agenda" and may even work to radicalise its members and convert them to 1Perkasa rather than 1Malaysia. You have to hand it to Ibramim Ali for this though - i don't think he spent anymore than perhaps a couple of hundred thousand dollars directly to set Perkasa up, but at the same time, it has had a far greater return on investment when compared with 1Malaysia. Ibrahim Ali correctly judged and exploited the situation. He is a smart guy.

But the question still remains - why is it that Maha wants to put his sign on Perkasa. What is it about Perkasa that Maha likes so much?

I guess its down to the hypocrisy. Perkasa like Maha is taking on a very jinggoist angle, claiming a lot of things without properly seing who is responsible for the solution and how best can it be rectified. Its a pure political animal, it has 0 long term benefit to any community and it was the perfect clear example of the fact that from Mahathir down, these Maha's want to always stir the extreme sentiments rather than change and move with the times.


1) Apakah sumbangan DM sedangkan FDI dlm negara merosot dengan teruk?
2) Kenape DM begitu taksub nak kononya membantu umat Islam di tebing barat sedangkan umat Islam ditanah air dibebankan oleh tol dan bil elektrik yg tinggi oleh kerana dasar penswastaan
3) Mengapa Dr. M sanggup menbayar RM 5 juta kpd pelobi Yahudi? Berapa yang Anwar bayar kpd pelobi Yahudi? Siapa barua sebenarnya
4) Mana dia pengaruh Yahudi dlm Indonesia sedangkan dia terpaksa menerima berbillion dana dari IMF?
5) Kenape Dr M yg dulu membalun PL kerana kononya dia menjual negara kpd Singapura sanggup menyaksikan upacara jual beli saham dengan anak syarikat Kerajaan Singapura. Siapa jual siapa?

Mahathir Mukhriz Keris Class

Mukrhiz bila nak masuk Perkasa????

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