Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dato Seri Tengku Azlan Sultan Abu Bakar is a fine gentleman

I am quite pissed that the younger brother  of HRH Sultan of Pahang is being dragged into this September 16 story echoed by Zahrain PKR. I have met him before and I will state Dato Seri is a fine gentleman, a very very polite and humble man even though he is royalty.

I've met TS Muhiyiddin too (actually ive met a lot of people), and the difference in terms of personality between the ex-Deputy Minister of Transport and the current Deputy Prime Minister should be described in the "langit dengan bumi" terms.

Another guy who is a superb gentleman is Tan Sri Aseh (not politico but ex KDN boss). He is very polite. Top marks to him.

Won't comment about my mtgs with TDM. Just to say, it wasn't pleasant.


Wenger J. Khairy said...

Err..I think I have to delete your posting. too many siber gestapo around. next time,

Wenger J. Khairy said...

cant use the word k i l l. hope u understand

smokeball said...

Gud work YB..

as u climb up the ladder, always mind ur word...

Keep it up YB. I'll support u!