Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dato Sak is right..

Well to be honest I got a bit of stinging sensation reading Dato Sak's latest column. In Rembau Times, I had actually had a bit more free time - so I'd be the first to admit the quality of the stories there were far superior. Some stories took like 3-4 hours to write and pen down. Right now, most of the stories (bashing you know who) can be done in like 45 mins.

Its more of stress relief. Yeah - and its rubbish. Yup yup,, I do agree.

Ok, lets digress a bit - hypothetically if I had a lot of time, what would I want to write about.

Lets make a list

  1. The truth behind the Malaysian Economy: This actually is something I feel is just overlooked. Few actually knows what does it mean to say we aim for the economy to grow by 6%. Does it mean anything? Well interestingly the answer is not so direct. If the economy is heavily interlinked and the money "moves" quickly, then really what we have is like a set of interconnected gears - and the 6% growth we get is more due to the money just moving from pocket to goods. People aren't really better off. The second issue is something to do with the Price Level. Last yr, the price level crashed significantly at the Producer level, but is that because our goods and services cannot sustain pricing premiums? (thats a bit more complex to understand). The last issue is this entire discussion on the subsidy. Last year it amounted to RM 24 billion. Our Government spends more than it earns - 1MPM6 says we are on the hook for RM 522 billion. This cannot go on forever. But in the same breath, if we kill the susbsidy, we destroy the economy. Its a "diluah mati emak, ditelan mati bapak" scenario
  2. Whats the entire world financial system? Why is it we can go from boom to bust in a matter of months? Why are economic cycles so errartic? Why is it an event in America can affect Malaysia? Does then Greece affect Malaysia to? What are subprime mortgages (I had done that on Padedoh a couple of years back)? What are derivatives? Is the fact that the outstanding notional interest rate derivatives amounting to USD 200 trillion (yes thats trillion) mean anything? Is it good or bad?
  3. Johor. This is a recent story. It has to do with the rumour mills.
  4. BN's chances of winning in the next GE. Now here is where I like everybody else don't really have a clue as to the actual number 

I think in conclusion, really we are stuck. We need something to make the brain start working again. We need drama, we need anticipation

Dear Prime Minister,
We need a byelection!

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