Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mississauga And Mahathir

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Mississauga is the 6th largest city in Canada. Unlike in Malaysia, Canadian cities have to develop themselves using their own resources. There is no promise of development projects like what is practised over here - there they will pay for their own.

This is the coat of arms :-

The mayor of Mississauga is one Hazel McCallion. She has been serving as mayor since 1978 and is 88 years old and is doing a fine job.

Her style of leadership is very similar to the leadership we enjoyed before Dr Mahathir came into power. We had many luminaries , a clean judiciary and a great respect internationally.

Economically, her city is doing great. They are debt free where else we have RM 522,000,000,000,000  worth of debt due to the massive bailouts and crony capitalism practised by Dr. Mahathir for 22 years.

I believe Pak Lah tried to solve this problem, but was unsuccessful. The effects of this massive debts, used to bailout friends, families and cronies has resulted in the cutting back of programmes like the food subsidy for MRSM, increased cost of living, destruction of the Ringgit's purchasing power and a lowered standard of living.

This was becaused Dr Mahathir had 0 regard for the future generation. He wanted to preserve his power today. No wonder he is so hated by many of the younger people, especially those with families.

However 22 years after Dr M's cultural revolution, our leaders are of the level of Khir Toyo. With the execption of a few, that is the level of leadership - variants of Khir Toyo.

Dr M's leaderhsip style produced millions of Khir Toyos and 0 Hazel McCallions

So I hope this answers this bloggers question. 

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